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We reignite the potential within restless brands by challenging their habitual ways of thinking and fuelling their belief in an unusual future
We're consultants who help brands grow by helping them rediscover their mission, live their core values and clarify their positioning. We're engineers who design world-class products and experiences to help companies thrive. We're creatives who love to tell unforgettable stories about the brands we work for. The future belongs to challengers, and we're here to light the fire.
We help leading brands re-shape how they approach consumers. Level-headed research and strategic frameworks lay the foundation for success.
Bold ideas, designed beautifully can change the way people think about a brand. We blend digital and physical mediums to craft memorable, moments.
In a connected world, we build websites, web applications, and interactive environments that supply world-class user experiences to consumers globally.
We help our clients navigate an ever-changing marketing landscape through tailored planning and measured accountability with optimization.

Proudly rooted in a rich Karnataka culture that celebrates creativity in food, music, and art, we’re pushing innovation globally from a city where the world might not see us coming. And we love it that way.
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