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Drive Leads At Lesser CPL + Branding

India’s first premium cruise line approached us with a project to drive qualified leads at a lower CPL. At this time, we were also running Google display branding ads for brand awareness as well as implementing SEO strategies to keep the company at the top of the search results page. This digital campaign is a holistic approach that combines the best of search and social media advertising to maximise the results for our client.

The crux of our digital strategy revolved around expanding location and geographic targeting while simultaneously launching various text ads with offers and promotions to drive growth for the overall campaign. Facebook was a big driver for growth in this campaign and helped us bulk up the volume of the leads. Through experimentation and learning, we implemented a lifetime budget on Facebook that was optimized to deliver more leads at a lower CPL.

The digital campaign was a success as we saw an astonishing jump of 417% increase in leads generated. At the same time, the cost per lead was lowered by 78% while most significantly, the rate of lead conversion grew by 79%.

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