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USA: Geographical spend shift

We identified 79 cities across USA and Canada where spends were at 50% but conversion rates were low. In response to this, we mobilised our 360-degree digital team with industry experts to analyse and work on this project.

Our team optimized performance for 5 major cities by applying manual bidding against them in order to shift spends. The goal of manual bidding was to achieve a better CPA and increase the conversion count.

Furthermore, we delved deeper into audience targeting and reevaluated our target audiences based on audience size. This helps us maintain scalability in terms of traffic and spends in these campaigns. Apart from audience size, a few other parameters were also refined to obtain a more relevant audience that would be more likely to convert and complete our campaign goals.

Our strategy was spearheaded by audience revision along with post-optimization and creating fresh content creatives within a month. As we implemented our strategy, we observed a dramatic upshift in conversions within the month and were able to deliver growth month-on-month. Through this, we show how location-based audience targeting is highly effective in driving conversions, sales, and product awareness while maximising the efficiency of the budget.

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