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Tech-driven Pay Roll App – Engagement Goal Achieved by 73%

Our goal was to reach new potential app users on Facebook by innovating our digital marketing strategy. Content-driven ads are generally targeted at website visitors who were not converted while the main objective is to drive app instals. To reach a fresh audience on Facebook, we automated the ad setup and delivery via Advantage+ app campaigns which work to maximise the results of an app install campaign and reduce the time and effort to run it. We also focused on retargeting audiences through relevant YouTube ads.

Our plan of action started with analysing the audience strategy with the retargeting funnel created from the pixel type. Then, we created content-driven creatives with specific and action-oriented CTAs which drove a substantial growth in engagement rate. This further helped us drive up the conversion rate month-on-month.

Facebook, which was the crux of our strategy, ran the Advantage+ app campaigns in three different markets. We analysed the campaigns through A/B testing where one case involved geo-located, manually managed ads and the other was fully automated with Advantage+ app campaigns.

These techniques and tools helped us achieve our goals on time and under budget. We achieved the desired results by 60% less than the estimated budget and we also decreased the CPL to $4.5 as compared to the goal of $7.5.

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