Video Production

Developing videos that entertain, engage, and educate.

Nothing inspires creative storytelling like video. Viewers hold messages longer than any other format while watching them. Our experienced video team listens to your needs, designs your vision, and builds a product around your strategy to reach your goals.
+ Discovery
As with all projects, we start by listening and learning. Listen to your business goals and learn more about your business, audience and categories through market research.
+ Script development

Because videos lead with visual elements, scripts can sometimes be an afterthought and lack proper focus. Well, that's why we're flipping the script! Once you've got down to business, it's time to start the pre-production process by writing the script, reviewing it, and adjusting it. The style of the video inevitably emerges from the discussion of the script.
+ Concept / Style

With the script in hand (or on screen), the True Impact video team presents style options for the video. These options include sample visuals, music tracks, and narration artists to help you choose your overall design direction and approve colors, fonts, illustration styles, simplicity and complexity, and more.
+ Storyboards

Storyboards tell a story - at least the most important part of it. Our experienced design team creates fully developed visuals and transitions for each concept in your script. Sometimes 9 frames per minute, sometimes more But it will always meet your needs and give everyone a clear idea of ​​what the final video will look like.
Our 4D Process

First, we dig deep and gather information and insights to formulate a strategic vision aligned with your business, brand and customer goals.

Thinking outside the box is the norm when it comes to creating innovative concepts that showcase the overall look, feel, tone and voice of your project.

Our plans and designs come to life in intelligent, branded deliverables, from websites and emails to apps, advertising and more.

When everything is ready for prime time, make sure you're delivering to the right audience at the right time, in the right way.
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