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Wholesaler Drives Visibility and Conversions by 153%

We significantly improved a wholesale distributor’s visibility and sales conversions through a strategy focused on social media marketing. Our action plan consisted of a social media advertising campaign to generate awareness and leads, as well as boosting real social media engagement through unique and brand-specific organic posts. The results of this two-pronged approach were impressive and helped our client expand their market and audience.

The social media advertising campaign was primarily concentrated on Facebook and Instagram ads, which took up the majority of the campaign advertising budget. These ads were designed to drive conversions by capturing new leads and reaching out to and reconnecting with users who had shown an interest in previous ads or organic posts from the company. The campaign was bifurcated into two main goals, lead generation and retargeting relevant audiences.

This social media promotion delivered an increase in impressions by 22%, increased clicks and engagement by 20%, and most importantly, conversions were increased by a whopping 153%. This demonstrates how our carefully-planned yet unique approach to lead acquisition and retargeting can help businesses boost their sales and capture new markets.

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